New Zeiss Touit Lenses For The Fuji X Mount

Zeiss Touit Lenses

New Zeiss Touit Lenses For The Fuji X Mount:

Wow, how cool is this?  Zeiss is finally coming out with their lenses for the Fuji X Mount.  You can even pre-order the Touit Series lenses from several places.  There are a few sites already talking about the new Zeiss lenses but in case you didn’t know, Zeiss is initially coming out with two lenses.

The two lenses that they’re going to come out with first are the 32mm f1.8 and the 12mm f2.8 lenses.  Both look mighty enticing to me, and originally, I wasn’t going to purchase one because I was thinking about buying a new lens for my M 240 but who knows…I really want a new wide angle, and the 12mm sounds awesome.  Also, my favorite focal length is the 50mm, so if the Zeiss 32mm performs really well…I’d be extremely tempted to trade my XF 35mm for it.  Prices are higher than traditional Fuji X Series branded lenses (the 50mm being $900, and the 12mm being $1,250), which might turn off some.  For instance, the wide angle costs more than my X-E1 lol.  But if they really perform as well as they’re expected to, I’m sure they’re going to be worth it.

There is more info on the new Touit lens if you check out the Zeiss website.  You can even download a brochure.  I bet many are super excited about these new lenses, and hopefully, I can get one in for a review (although I’m afraid to do that because I might end up buying one lol).  What do any of you think?  Would any of you replace your XF 35mm for the new Zeiss 32mm f1.8?  How about the 12mm f2.8?  Feel free to comment below.  Thanks for stopping by!



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  • so any chance of me seeing some review about it here?especially against the fuji35mm 1.4 which i have,pretty curious about it since it it Zeiss :)….

    • Patrick

      Hi Meng,

      Actually, I’m not promising anything yet but I think I might be getting one or two in for review when they come out :). If I get the 32mm, I will definitely do a comparo test. The wide angle looks great too.

      • yes,the wide angle do look interesting since is is wider then what fuji offer now,hahaha

      • Patrick

        The new Zeiss Touit 12mm has very little distortion. I love the Fuji lenses, and the 14mm seems to be excellent but if I had to choose, I would get the Zeiss 12mm. The price for both lenses are already up there, so I don’t think I’d be paying much more for the Zeiss, which is wide angle perfection lol. It is an amazing lens, and while I was saving up for some new Leica stuff, I might have to make a new Zeiss purchase ;). We will see though…but while the new 12mm is getting all of the attention, my eye is really on the 32mm. I really liked using that lens. I liked it so much that I spent the whole night after the press event googling Zeiss lenses for my Leica :).

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