Some Portraits My Leica M 240 EVF2 And 75 Summilux


Some Leica M 240 Shots With My 75 Summilux And EVF2:

Hey everyone, I hope all of you had a great weekend.  I’ve lived here in New York for all of my life, and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so much rain before.  We finally had a little sun over the weekend (although, it’s been raining all day today), so I thought it was the perfect time to shoot more with my 75 Summilux and EVF2, especially since I was meeting up with an old friend.  I absolutely love what this lens can do with the digital M’s but it was never calibrated with my M9.  It’s a different story with my Leica M 240.

As some of you know, I bought the Leica EVF2 for my M 240 a couple of weeks ago.  The main reason I bought the EVF2 was because I wanted to use the focus peaking with my 75 Summilux.  I can focus a lot better with my Leica M but it can still be a hit or miss sometimes.  However, it’s a lot easier using the EVF2 with focus peaking.

So, here are some photos I shot of my friend, Haru.  There wasn’t much lighting except from a small window, and I wanted a higher shutter speed, so I shot these photos at 1600 ISO.  The M9 was a great camera but I just love the fact that I can just crank the ISO up with my Leica M, and it’ll still produce excellent results.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by today.  I’ll have more photos that I’m going to post up soon.  Take care!


↑ Meet my friend, Haru.  She was patient enough to let me take a few photos of her :).


↑ Bergen County Camera was nice enough to loan me a 50 Noctilux f1 for over a month, and while I liked it, I much prefer the 75 Lux.


↑ One reason I love the digital Leica’s or any Leica for that matter is I can use older lenses like this 75 Summilux.


↑ This photo is slightly off focus but I still like how it turned out.


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  • hey hey.i am back Patrick 🙂
    got to say.the first photo is true love 🙂
    Like the color produced here,would be nice if i have a chance to try it,haha

    • Patrick

      Hi Meng!

      Nice to see you back here! True love haha. If you’re ever in the city, come by, and you can check it out lol 🙂 Btw, great baby pictures, Meng! I see you’re putting that X-E1 through its paces.

      • I am glad to be back too,so busy previously….haha,new york right?i wish to my friend,haha…..That is just the beginning,since i m more free,there will be more coming 🙂

      • Patrick

        New York’s not that far haha. Great to hear about your free time, Meng. I love your work, and I can’t wait to see more!

  • haha….hmm,not so sure,probably 24 hours flight?haha…yeah,I am so glad,looking at it but cant shoot with it is torturing,haha…thanks,btw I would love to write the post off you as we discuss previously, will see what i can write about it 🙂

    • Patrick

      hahaha 24 hours??? ReallY??? Ok, maybe not so close ;). Yes, I know the feeling…when I sent my camera in to Germany, all I could do was think about it lol. But good news is that they actually replaced it.

      About the post…that’s cool! Take your time, and just message me through my “Contact Me” page when you’re ready. Whatever you end up writing will be awesome!

  • haha,yeah,not so close after all….haha,that feeling sucks,haha…replacement of new one?that is great….they should do so to maintain the quality assurance…haha,that sound pressure,haha

    • Patrick

      Yeah, they gave me a new one! I didn’t even realize it until a couple of weeks later lol.

  • jankap

    Nice bundle of pictures of a very nice model.
    Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I like the color ones better.

    • Patrick

      Hi Jankap,

      Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to check them out! I’ll let my model know as well! Thanks for visiting!

      Take care,


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