Leica M Typ 240 Photos With The 35 Summicron ASPH


The Leica M Typ 240 And 35 Summicron ASPH Photos:

I have a few more photos taken with my Leica M 240 that I thought I would post.  The photos are of my friend, Haru, who was extremely patient with me snapping away.  I took them in an old apartment, and I cross processed them because I thought it would be fun and a bit different.  I also like the old school look.  These photos were shot with the 35 Summicron ASPH.  If you want to see some photos that I took of Haru with the 75 Summilux, you can check them out as well.



I’m still waiting for the new Zeiss Touit lenses (you can see my post of the Zeiss Touit Press Event) but for now, I’m really having a blast with my M 240.  I’ve been an M user since I was very young, and to me, the new Leica M is the ultimate.  The more I use it, the more I just love the results that I get from it.  I know there’s still a wait for them but it’s worth it.



Well, I hope you all enjoy the photos.  Since I have some free time right now, I got to get back to googling for some cool, and interesting things to do here in New York over this weekend.  Yes, I know, I’ve lived here all of my life but after a while, everything looks the same :).  My best friend is coming from Chicago Thursday, and I want her to have a good time.  She doesn’t want to see the typical tourist attractions, and she says she wants to do what I would normally do around here.  I guess that means a couple of trips to Gray’s Papaya ;).  Either way, I guess it’s a great opportunity to shoot more with my Leica M :).  Take care, everyone!  I always appreciate all of you for stopping by!




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  • I would say this is a good location to begin with 🙂
    M240 really is impressive from every photo i see so far,too bad is just way above my head,haha

    • Patrick

      Yeah, the location was actually kind of cool. I think I’m going to shoot there a bit more in the future. Yeah, the M240 has been really great but trust me, I’m still hurting after I bought it haha. Luckily, I got a decent price for my trade-in of my M9 to help me out a bit.

      • haha,I don have a M9 in the first place,haha….but really nice,make sure to make it worth the price,so far i still havent make my X-E1 worth the money yet,haha….Where is this,your house?

      • Patrick

        Well, with all that I spent on my M240, sometimes an abandon apartment feels like it’s all that I can afford haha but no, it’s not. They’re just some old apartments from a friend’s building. This one is unused so I thought it would be cool to take pictures in it.

        You took some really cool pictures, Meng. I think you made it worth the money. Now you have all summer to shoot pictures, right? 🙂

      • hahaha,okok….it is interesting place…Thanks alot for that.would be such a great encouragement…yup,you may say so,haha…prehaps more then that 🙂

      • Patrick

        Haha…Yeah, I check out your site all the time. You have really cool content!

      • Thanks,that is great :)…stay tuned for more,hahaha

      • Patrick

        I definitely will!

  • Kathy Davis

    Haru is cool — she has a number of goofy looks that say she can be spontaneous.

    Of course what this reminds me of is the 1950’s, when i grew up. What’s the song? “Kodachrome ….’ Did you adjust the color to get that look?

    • Patrick

      Oh Wow, this was so old! It was during my experimental days, Kathy haha. I don’t even remember what I did editing wise.

      As for Haru, she is so cool. One of the nicest people I know. Really genuine.

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