Fleet Week Entering NY Harbor

Fleet Week Entering NY Harbor:

This is just a quick post.  I’ve been in lately trying to finish up a couple of reviews that will be coming up soon but I heard some of the U.S. battleships were entering NY Harbor this morning for Fleet Week, and since I actually live by the area where all major ships go through, I figured I would take a little break, get some fresh air, and see if there was anything cool to photograph.  I took my Fuji X-E2 because my longest lens for the Leica M is a 75mm, and I knew I would need something even longer.  I still own the XF 90mm Macro but I knew I would need something even longer than that, so I figured with the crop factor, my 75mm Summilux would be great to use on the X-E2 today.


↑ I believe this is a destroyer accompanied by a police boat.


↑ Here’s another photo of the destroyer.


↑ Here’s an FDNY boat flying by.

So, here are photos of some of the ships that have come in for Fleet Week.  There were actually only three ships this morning, at least where I was and at the time I was there, so I don’t have too many photos.  But I just wanted to post something up real quick because I felt like it ;).  All were shot with my X-E2 and my 75mm Summilux.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and if you’re here for Fleet Week, I hope you enjoy it!


↑ I’m not sure what kind of ship this is but it was massive and definitely impressive.


↑ It even had one of those cool V-22 Osprey planes.


↑ This photos should give you an idea of how large this ship is; look at the FDNY and NYPD boats next to it.

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  • Markus

    Hi Patrick,

    thanks for the update. New reviews coming ? Sounds good. I have no clue what you will be testing 😉
    I hope you received the sample images i sent to you.


    • Patrick

      Hi Markus,

      I always appreciate you stopping by and sorry for the late reply. I did receive those images. Thanks and I just replied back to you. The detail from that Pentax is simply incredible even without a tripod. As I said to you in my email, even I’m considering selling my M system for one ;).

      As for my site, I have a few things lined up…Some Fuji, Leica, some more accessories, and I think I’m going to expand to other areas like Olympus. I’m also going to create a new Hasselblad section and add some more film content to my site. It will be a very busy but hopefully productive summer :).

      Best regards,


  • Marco

    Hey Patrick!

    Great shots of navy vessels! Yes, you’re correct about the first ship: it’s a destroyer. An Arleigh Burke class, the USS Barry.

    The big, second ship is the USS San Antonio, a massive landing platform dock, an LPD.

    if you have more shots of these or other ships during fleet week, it would be great to see them 🙂


    • Patrick

      Hi Marco!

      Great to hear from you and thanks for the info about the ships. Destroyers are pretty cool but I have to say, that USS San Antonio is pretty amazing :). First time I ever seen a ship like that in person. I do have more pics but unfortunately, they are pretty repetitive. At the time I was there, there were only three ships total that came in. Plus, they were only passing by my area, so I couldn’t get any close up shots. But I’m hoping to get some free time to maybe stop by the city to see some of the ships, and if I do, I’ll post whatever I get here.

      Best regards,


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