New Lens Cap For My Fuji X100 JCC Lens Hood

I said in my review of the Fuji X100 JCC lens hood (the review can be found here) that when I get my new lens cap, I will post it so here it is: the Maximal Power center pinch lens cap that fits a 49mm thread.  This cap only cost me 2.99!  I have Amazon Prime so I got free two day air shipping on it…Saturday shipping also.  I love Amazon.

The lens cap fits perfectly with the lens hood on.  It comes with a thin string so that you can attach it to the camera but I took that off.  I hate those strings…makes me feel like a retired tourist in tight shorts going on a cruise.  There’s really not much else to say about it.  It fits good, and it’s less than three bucks so even if you don’t like it, it’s not like you put a huge investment into it.

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  • Thanks for posting this review of such a useful little part. I’ve also been considering JCC’s combined lens cap + hood (

    • Patrick

      Thanks for reading it! That’s also pretty cool, I’ve never seen it before. It’s kind of like the one they made for the D-Lux and LX series cameras.

  • A Young

    Just found this, thanks for the idea. They now want $10.
    I’ll see if I can find similar cheaper.

    • Patrick

      Hi A Young,

      No problem. Thanks for visiting. They want $10 now? That’s a big change in such a short time. Let me know if you find something cheaper!

      Take care,


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