Images From The Fuji XF 90mm F2 LM WR lens

Images From The Fuji XF 90mm F2 LM WR lens:

I’ve been spending my Saturday morning organizing my images on my computer, and I have some left over photos from when I was reviewing the Fuji XF 90mm F2 LM WR lens that I thought I would share.  Man, I simply love this lens!  This is seriously one of the best optics that Fuji or any manufacturer has released.  In my opinion, the optics are out of this world.  I’m still wondering if I made the right decision when I bought the XF 56mm APD over this lens.  I know the XF 56mm APD is also superb, and I keep telling myself that for now, the XF 56mm’s focal length just makes more sense for me.  I would be using it more often.  The focal length of the XF 90mm is just a little too long for me.  Still, the image quality from the XF 90mm simply blows me away.  If you want to see more examples from this lens, check out my review.

I’m going to get back to organizing my images, so that I can go out tomorrow to take some pictures.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  The weather is going to be perfect, so I definitely want to take advantage of it.  I will be using my Fuji X-T1 with the new XF 35mm I recently bought or shall I say, re-bought.  I will also be shooting some film because I’ve been craving to do so for a while now.  Since I’m already bringing my X-T1, I will be using my Leica M6 TTL Millennium instead of my 503CW to keep things light.  Of course, I will be posting whatever I get on my site.  Thanks for stopping by!






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