Fuji X-T2 Firmware 2.00 And X-Pro2 Firmware 3.00 Update

Fuji X-T2 Firmware 2.00 And X-Pro2 Firmware 3.00 Update:

Wow, these are some major updates to already awesome cameras!  I have not had a chance to download firmware version 2.00 yet for my X-T2.  I’m still busy with the X-T20 and X100F reviews.  I’ll post something from the X100F probably this weekend, and expect the X-T20 review to come out afterwards. Still, I am definitely excited about the new firmware update for my X-T2.  From the list of new features, and updates that I’m reading off the X-T2 firmware page, it almost looks like a new camera :)!  The links are below:

Fuji X-T2 Firmware Ver. 2.00 Update

Fuji X-Pro2 Firmware Ver. 3.00 Update 

If you’ve downloaded these updates to your camera already, feel free to let me know what you think down in the comment section.  Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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  • Karl

    Thanks for the tip – heading to download new fw now! Off topic, but what strap are you using in the pic for this post?

  • Mark Kinsman

    Downloaded both, haven’t tested the X-T2 yet. The X-Pro2 seems to focus a little faster. The addition of View mode for playback on rear LCD is welcome when using the viewfinder. Wish it was addded for view menus. The smaller of us point is another great addition. Still have to test most of the other feature additions. I found most of my settings were not reset – either that or I am just using the standard settings and didn’t know it- LOL!

    • Patrick

      Hi Mark!

      Sounds like overall, it is a decent update to the X-Pro2. I still have to get some time to download the firmware update for my X-T2 :). I am definitely eager to try it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!



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