Cravar Rana 15 Leather Camera Bag Preview

Cravar Rana 15 Leather Camera Bag Preview:

As some of you know, the Northeast is experiencing some major cold!  Right now, it is 13 degrees with the sun out, and we are still recovering from some major snow.  Anyway, I’m still recovering from some back pain (and shoveling did not help), so I probably won’t be stepping foot outside today.  Instead, I thought I’d share with all of you this new bag that I recently received from Cravar to review.  It is the Rana 15, and it’s the larger sibling of the Rana 10 that I reviewed a while back (the review is here).  Keep in mind that this is not my full review of the Rana 15. This is only a preview but the full review will be coming soon.

So, like it’s smaller sibling the Rana 15 is beautifully crafted from full grain vegetable tanned leather.  There are solid brass parts throughout the entire bag.  The Rana 15 also comes with a shoulder pad.  The shoulder strap is adjustable, and what I particularly like is it can be removed as well, so you could technically carry the Rana 15 just like a briefcase, since there is a top handle as well.

Compared to the Rana 10, this bag holds quite a bit more yet it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy.  It is actually kind of a slim bag.  It feels quite comfortable and balanced on my shoulders.

Take a look at what it will actually fit.  In the photo below, I have three cameras with lenses plus an extra lens in one slot.  The gear from left to right are: Leica M6 TTL Millennium with a 50mm Summicron, an Olympus Pen-F with compact zoom, A Fuji X-E1 with a 50mm Summicron, and a Fuji XF 18-55mm.  If I wanted to, I could actually stack lenses on top of any two slots here because not only does the Rana 15 come with three vertical dividers, it comes with two smaller horizontal dividers.  I also have my MacBook in the laptop slot.

This is a really nice bag overall.  While I generally like carrying the smallest bag possible, I’m starting to like the Rana 15 a little more than the Rana 10.  The Rana 10 is no doubt a fantastic bag but for me, the size of the Rana 15 is just about perfect.  Plus, the weight isn’t bad, it fits a lot, and the top handle is a great feature.  Anyway, stay tuned for my full review, and thanks for stopping by!

For more information on the Rana 15, check out Cravar’s site.

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